What Is Dropshipping?

Not A Get-Rich-Quick Scheme

Dropshipping is an order fulfillment process that eliminates the need for a company to have inventory on hand. Instead, the store sells the item and then sends the purchase order to a third-party vendor, who then delivers the order to the customer.

Dropshipping is not, contrary to common opinion, a get-rich-quick scheme.   Sure, it seems to be simple money — you sell other people’s products and keep a cut — but it’s far from simple when you consider all the disadvantages, challenges, and the day-to-day management.

Dropshipping can still help you develop a profitable business, if you do it the right way, just not as easily as might have hoped.

To put it another way, if you’re just doing dropshipping, it’ll be difficult to get your company off the ground; however, if you’re already established in ecommerce, you can use dropshipping to supplement and expand your current services.